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Do you really want to improve the value of your home, while giving your house some major street appeal?

If so, a honed concrete driveway is without a doubt one of the best ways to approach this task. You have probably heard of people painting concrete, staining it, and even polishing it, but you have probably never even heard of honing.

Well, below you will learn all about honing concrete along with some amazing tips and tricks that will help you perfect the process.


Understanding What Honed Concrete Is

When you hear someone talk about honed concrete, they are actually talking about giving your concrete a smooth finish by grinding the surface and exposing the aggregates.

Yes, this might sound very similar to polishing, but the process and final look are much different. When concrete is correctly honed, it creates a smooth, matt type surface.

In order to achieve that polished look, you have to go one step further and grind the concrete with an abrasive material. So, honed concrete is actually the process that you will reach before moving onto the polishing stage.


The Factors That Can Impact The Overall Look

There are a variety of different factors that can impact the overall look of your honed driveway. It is true that both the matrix of concrete and the aggregate can impact the final appearance, but it is really the aggregates that hold the polish.

Hard rocks resist wear and hold a smoother finish, which is what makes the honing and polishing processes possible.

The quality of concrete that you are using can make all the difference in the world.

For a spectacular finish you want to make sure that you are utilizing a high-strength concrete. This is important because you want the concrete to produce a good bond during the beginning stages of the honing process. For proper honing, you need a concrete that is rated at a minimum of S32 (to AS 1379).

The depth of the honing can also affect the overall look. For instance, a light honing will only expose the finest aggregates in the concrete mixture, which is the sand.

However, if you go deeper into the process this will expose the coarse aggregates. The look that you want to achieve really depends on your own personal taste, but most professionals will recommend honing to half the nominal size of the coarse aggregate.

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