Polished And Honed Concrete


A good child therapist holds an awareness of the different stages a child moves through in their development; psychologically, physically and emotionally. It starts from the moment the child is born where the baby develops a strong bond with primarily the mother and later the father. Within a safe environment the baby begins to engage gradually more with the world around as their vision, sense of hearing, touch, smell and taste develop. They learn through a process of acting and perceiving by processing external stimuli that informs their next act.

 Movement in child development progresses through different developmental stages which takes the baby from being restricted in movements to crawling and eventually walking. It is important that each child is given the opportunity to move through these stages in their own time and develop in a way they feel supported. If certain movement patterns are not fully integrated in the child (for various reasons), psychological attachments might arise which affects their behaviour later in life. A child therapist can help a child of whatever age develop this sense of integration and support by revisiting some of these stages, making use of movement exercises, play, and the arts that give rise to effective dialogue. Awareness is developed in both the child and the parent, who often is present in the process.