Exposed Aggregate


Our regular readers will know that here at Buzzparent we love RC vehicles, and sometimes we even have more fun with them than our kids do. We really find that rc toys are great for our kids in many ways. For one, they help with hand to eye coordination, and by learning how to maintain and clean them, we’ve noticed our kids have been learning about responsibility and accountability when it comes to their stuff. But what is super cool about RC cars and trucks is how the kids can take them off and have all kinds of wacky adventures and play with them. This really encourages children to be creative and think outside the box.

RC Truck Giant Ramp Tricks

What happens when you get some man-children with a love for Remote control trucks and a taste for stunts? These crazy guys build the craziest RC ramp we’ve ever seen, and test their trucks out to see if they can loop the loop in this stunning and funny video. We’re not sure if we’d try this at home with out RC vehicles, but there’s no harm in watching from the comfort of your computer screen.